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    On this episode, we discuss the issue of leadership development in the church. In what ways can an established church pastor invest in other people to develop them as learned and skilled ministers? The guys discuss this and how it relates to seminary training. Subscribe: iTunes ● Google Play Follow us on Twitter: @estchurch, @jowiki, @micahfries, and @samrainer.   Read more [...]
  What would happen if all our church volunteers were suddenly raptured, and the staff was left behind? The staff at West Bradenton Baptist (where I serve) put together a little video to find out. This sketch was part of our annual volunteer appreciation dinner a couple weeks ago. And yes, it’s as cheesy as you might expect.     And just in case you need more. Here are the outtakes, which are twice as funny as the original.   Read more [...]   I’m preaching a sermon series called “I Will . . .” This series covers seven expectations of every church member, and this week’s topic is “Seek Unity.” A unified church is driven by love. If you are a Christian, then you should live and love like a Christian. The church should be the best example of unity in diversity. Sin always leads to loneliness and disunity. The toughest people to love are the Read more [...]
    On this episode, we discuss the issue of church polity. Is it worth it to lead change in this area? We discuss how to shift your church toward a healthy church government and some of the obstacles you may encounter. Subscribe: iTunes ● Google Play Follow us on Twitter: @estchurch, @jowiki, @micahfries, and @samrainer.   Read more [...]
  If you’re not listening well, then you’re not leading well. Leaders who don’t listen head down the road of either oblivion or tyranny. The oblivious leader is lazy. The tyrant is selfish. Obviously, most leaders—even the bad ones—are not this extreme. In the church, however, listening is especially important because of the nature of spiritual growth. How can you guide someone to be more like Christ if you don’t listen carefully to what they say? I know I’m guilty of thinking Read more [...]