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  Our church is committed to Wednesday evening programming. I know the Bible does not mandate midweek programming. I realize the Wednesday timeslot has its origin in the historical “Three to Thrive” movement of the early twentieth century (come to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night). Since we don’t have a Sunday evening service, we are no longer in the three to thrive pattern; we’re satisfied with two will do. For years, I wrote three separate messages for Read more [...]
  Every pastor has critics. It’s an inevitable part of leadership. Some criticism is constructive. Even when it’s not constructive, you can almost always learn something. Other criticism is just a visceral reaction. A personal attack was not intended; someone just said something in the heat of the moment. Some criticism is malicious and sinful. Other times, people are using criticism in a self-serving way. If you don’t want to expend the energy to filter criticism appropriately, Read more [...]   I’m preaching a six-week series called “Healthy Homes.” There are many different types of homes that make up the church body, and we want all of them to be healthy. This sermon covers the topic of adoption. None of us have a right to grace, but adoption is available to all. Family is God’s idea, and adoption is part of His plan. Adopted children are a reflection of the gospel. Blended homes demonstrate Read more [...]
    Dayton Hartman joins the show to discuss his new book: Lies Pastors Believe. He discusses how we can elevate ourselves, subvert the gospel, and undermine the church. This episode is brought to you by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and LifeWay Pastors. Subscribe: iTunes ● Google Play Follow us on Twitter: @estchurch, @jowiki, @micahfries, and @samrainer.   Read more [...]
  The church is not a destination point for crowds. The church is a vehicle engineered by God to send people into neighborhoods and to the nations. On Sunday West Bradenton launched a campaign to become a neighborhood church for the nations. Check out the video and see where God is taking us!     We want to launch a movement. Far too few churches in our nation focus on the needs of the immediate communities around them. We want to inspire other congregations to become Read more [...]