Thursday Threes: March 30, 2017

Sam Rainer

March 29, 2017


Three notable articles I read this week:

John GardnerWhat’s up with all the roaring? “Maybe it’s just me, but every so often, it seems like a particular word or phrase becomes ‘trendy’ in contemporary Christian worship music. For instance, 10-15 years ago, it was variations on the phrase ‘wings like eagles’ . . . Today, I’m getting the same vibe from the words ‘roar’ and ‘roaring.’ It’s everywhere right now! Is it a biblical word?”

Sarah Eekhoff ZylstraMan in the middle. I’ve been praying for Dr. David Dockery, who is recovering from a heart attack. This article reminded me of his influence and legacy, and it brought back many great memories for me. I was a teenager when he served at Southern Seminary with my father. His impact on my life is enormous. 

Chris Martin –  More Millennials raised in two-parent interfaith homes than two-parent Protestant homes. “When trying to reach Millennials in your community, it is no longer safe to assume they have a Christian background. We Christians must lower our expectations about our communities’ understanding of Christian culture and concepts.”


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