Dear Maggie

Sam Rainer

February 15, 2010

Below is a letter to my daughter—arrival date June 28th—that I included in our church’s weekly newsletter. I thought I might share it with you as well.

Dear Maggie,

We can’t wait for you to arrive! I love you so much. Mom loves you. And our church family loves you. In many ways, you are already blessed. You will be born into a family that loves Jesus, supported by another family—First Baptist Church Murray—that loves Jesus too. You will be born into a great community in a great nation where we are free to worship our Savior. Please don’t ever forget how precious freedom is.

While you are blessed, our family is not perfect. One of my many glaring weaknesses is how I can warp my love for Jesus’ church into workaholism. I am repenting now of my sin of misguided priorities, asking God to shape me into a father who puts his family first. You will also be born into a public life. You did not choose this life; it was one that was foreordained for you through my calling. The life of a pastor and his family is a public one. I can relate. I too grew up a pastor’s kid. It was a lot of fun. But there were a lot of challenges. I will always be there as your dad (and biggest cheerleader) during those challenges.

A church member reminded me today that God in His sovereign will has already prepared for you a spouse. Sometimes church members say silly things. I can’t imagine giving you away, but I know that day will come. This church member reminded me of how I need to pray that God will bless you with a man who loves Jesus. He’s right; I am praying. And until that time comes, I can promise that I will be the overprotective father who won’t let go of his little girl.

My ultimate goal in raising you is simple: to teach you to love Jesus more than anything or anyone else, including me. I pray for the day when you ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. I can’t wait to baptize you—my firstborn daughter—as my sister in Christ.

Your dad, mom, and church family love you!

Preparing for pink and purple,


2 comments on “Dear Maggie”

  1. Great post Sam! I read your letter while sitting on the couch next to my 3 year old daughter–trying to get her to go to sleep. Being a daddy is such a blessing. Thanks again for your post.

  2. kenspeaks says:

    Great post Sam. Very touching. Please put that letter in a special place because she will want to read it someday. I am often surpirsed about the power of a letter. My kids always seem to enjoy letters from me. Keep up your letter writing.

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