Launching Revitalize Network!

Sam Rainer

September 23, 2018


No church should die. Ever. Perhaps a church is far gone, deep into a toxic state of disunity. Perhaps a church has decades of declines. Perhaps a church has veered far from doctrinal convictions. Would the death of these churches advance the kingdom? Would their death glorify God?


If God can save any person, then He can save any church. If we believe in redemption for people (anyone!), then we must also believe the same for churches.

This conviction is driving the launch of Revitalize Network.

My father, Thom Rainer, and I are starting a national network with the single purpose of revitalizing churches. We are praying God begins a movement among stagnant and dying churches. What if half of the struggling churches in your community had a turnaround? Likely, it would produce an unstoppable gospel movement. When churches are revitalized, communities are revitalized.

Over 70% of all churches need some level of revitalization. Pastors and church leaders are desperate for hope. The majority of pastors are shepherding struggling churches. Often they inherit problems dating back decades. The turnaround will not be easy, but it can happen.

What year was your church founded? My church was born in 1957. What God began in 1957 off 43rd Street in Bradenton, Florida is not supposed to stop until Christ returns. I believe the same for your church. What began in the year your church was founded should continue until the trumpet sounds.

No church should die.

Any church can thrive again.

Every church deserves the opportunity to be revitalized.

Learn more at We’re just getting started. Join us.


2 comments on “Launching Revitalize Network!”

  1. Pastor Ray Eaton says:

    So when will you, your father, and other revitalization leaders be coming around to speak to us little dying churches and help our folks see this, explore this, and move forward here? Just askin’. Thnx

    1. Sam Rainer says:

      Ray – We have several ways we can help. Feel free to email me at

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