Sermon Saturdays: Certainty


Sam Rainer

March 16, 2018



I’m preaching a series through the first half of the book of Acts called “Launch.” This sermon covers Acts 2:14-41. When uncertainty shakes you, God’s certainty secures you. The time you have left is uncertain, but the place of eternity is certain. Death will hold you captive when you try to control it. Death loses its power when we believe in the resurrection of Jesus. The certainty of grace gives you the power to kill your sin. The certainty of grace is God’s promise for eternity.


2 comments on “Sermon Saturdays: Certainty”

  1. Roberta Jones says:

    I’m organizing my desk tonight, and listening to your helpful and encouraging sermon. Thanks so much! Happy thoughts to all of you.

  2. Sam Rainer says:

    Thanks Roberta! Now you’ve inspired me. I need to go organize something…

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