I Pity the Fool

Sam Rainer

April 2, 2007

As many of you have already experienced, today is April Fool’s Day. And luckily for this pastor, it fell on a Sunday. My associate pastor of students decided to take advantage of this happenstance, using it as an opportunity to play a practical joke on the entire church body during the Sunday morning worship service.

During our welcome time he got up to make an announcement. “It is a joyous time this Easter season, and I want everyone to know today on this Palm Sunday that Becky and I are expecting.”

The entire church clapped and cheered. I looked at my wife, “Wow, he didn’t even tell me that he and his wife were going to have their first kid.”

I think some began to shed a tear of joy.

He then decided to pull the punch line. “We’re expecting you all to have a fun April Fool’s Day!”

He had us all.

One comment on “I Pity the Fool”

  1. kdb1411 says:

    At least he didn’t say that the second coming had taken place and everyone remaining was left behind.

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