Thursday Threes: December 1, 2016


Sam Rainer

December 1, 2016


Three notable articles I read this week:

Selma Wilson3 dangers of being a thankless leader. “But before we close the door on Thanksgiving and open the door to Christmas, I am reminded how quickly we can move past being thankful leaders. Before we get caught up in our own score card, let’s look at some dangers of being a thankless leader.”

Mike HarlandWhat to do when you don’t like the songs. “Are your Sunday lunches more like a critic’s review of the music? Or the sermon? Why not turn them into testimonies of God’s goodness and a celebration of all He is doing in your church and family? I especially encourage parents to be very careful critiquing church with their children and teenagers. You could be unintentionally sowing seeds that will bring heartache later.”

Brian HehnThe four functions of a church choir. “We become what we sing. When we take words and put them to music, it becomes part of who we are. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we put as much of the Word into the bodies of the congregation as possible.”


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