Thursday Threes: October 13, 2016

Sam Rainer

October 13, 2016


Three notable articles I read this week:

Trevin Wax4 cultural trends leading to the decline of religious liberty. “Religious liberty, America’s ‘first freedom,’ has fallen on hard times lately. . . What’s going on? What are the cultural trends leading to diminished religious liberty?”

Jay SandersThree reasons rural churches matter more than you may think. “Many people see small, rural churches like the minor leagues: they are a great place for pastors to be trained but the really good ones won’t ever stay there. The real game is played in the big cities. Or so we’ve been told. Well, I think we’ve been told wrong. Rural churches matters much more than we’ve been led to believe.”

Ronnie FloydGrace in the fire: How pastors navigate through the tough times. “Ministry is tough, real tough. Leadership is tough, real tough. When a pastor leads his church with clarity and conviction toward a compelling vision, he will need grace in the fire.”


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