Thursday Threes: June 9, 2016

Sam Rainer

June 9, 2016


Three notable articles I read this week:

Tony MorganHow multi-site can wreck your church. The vast majority of the largest churches are multi-site. Many singles-site churches 800+ in weekly attendance are creating strategies to launch additional sites. But there are pitfalls to watch.

Art Rainer6 reasons why I like to read Scripture in the morning. Great, simple advice for anyone wanting to start the day right.

FiveThirtyEightThe sun is always shining in modern Christian pop. “In the Cold War period, singing about death and the Last Judgment didn’t put Christian singers too far outside the mainstream. Secular pop music, created under the specter of nuclear war, also had apocalyptic themes. But when that secular pop music moved on from this fear, so did the Christian music.”


Three satire accounts worth following:

I like to laugh. These three satire accounts make me laugh.

Church Curmudgeon. “It ain’t the way it used to be, I’ll tell you that.”

Fake J.D. Greear. He’s making potlucks great again.

Babylon Bee. Your trusted source for Christian news satire.


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