Celebrating Baptism

Sam Rainer

September 27, 2007

While I typically cannot sleep on Saturday nights, I have an extra measure of excitement when I know that I will baptize someone the following day. Church members seem to smile a little larger and shake my hand a little firmer on those Sundays when the baptistery is full of water. After the service, our entire church celebrates with a huge birthday cake for the one who just professed their faith. I believe that all churches should celebrate baptism. We put so much hype into a wedding (and rightly so), but a wedding represents the second most important decision a person will ever make. A decision to follow Jesus Christ is infinitely more important – the celebration should be exponentially larger than a wedding reception.

So when I read this story, I rejoiced with NewSpring Church. They had the marvelous problem of figuring out how to baptize 562 people in one day. What did they do? They set up above ground pools and held a tailgating party in the parking lot. Praise God for revival in the land! Thank you, NewSpring, for showing us how to party!

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  1. That would be an awesome problem to have!

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