Thursday Threes: May 5, 2016

Sam Rainer

May 5, 2016


Three notable articles I read this week:

Trillia NewbellComplementarians in the black experience. “When I read the Bible, I am assured that complementarianism isn’t and shouldn’t be defined by a 1950s American social construct. Rather it should be defined by the infallible Word of God.”

Tim Cool12 diseases of a church facility. “Just as our bodies contract diseases that can lead to problems and cause pain and discomfort, many diseases can infect church facilities so that the church can experience functional problems and great discomfort. Rarely are these merely cosmetic, but are often outward signs of much more deep seeded problems.”

Michael Kelley6 things you need to start a family devotion. Great, practical advice for any family.


Three people worth following:

These three women love the local church, and you can learn a lot from their leadership. You should definitely add them to your follow list.

Selma Wilson. Selma is the Executive Leader of Organizational Development at LifeWay Christian Resources and the former President of B&H Publishing Group. You can connect with her on Facebook or on Twitter. She posts and podcasts about leadership regularly at her website.

Trillia Newbell. Trillia is the Director of Community Outreach for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention. You can connect with Trillia at her website, as well as via Twitter or Facebook. You should also read her article above.

Jenny Funderburke. Jenny serves with me at West Bradenton Baptist, and she is an incredible children’s minister. She writes regularly at her blog, and you can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


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