Our Changing Culture

Sam Rainer

November 1, 2007

As seen in the video, the way we learn is changing. What should the church do to best relay information about the unchanging gospel message of Jesus?

7 comments on “Our Changing Culture”

  1. Brian says:

    very insightful…I think that we must constantly be reshaping the way we reach our culture while always maintaining the same message and the same general methods laid out in Scripture…our twenty-somethings are spread way to thin, engaging them in every facet of their life is very important; I believe that Jesus gave us the perfect model for engaging people this way: discipleship

  2. Sam Rainer says:

    Good point, Brian. Since we need to engage students and others in “every facet” of their lives (and given the amount time spent in Internet hinterland), do you think discipleship can occur online?

  3. Wes says:

    This video is very true. Students today have 26.5 hours of work to complete in a 24 hour day. A lot of a student’s time is spent on the computer/internet. A myspace or facebook check-up is a quick break from a busy day of studying, day of class, or even a day at work. So, why don’t we reach this generation via internet? Let’s face it; the most popular websites visited by today’s culture are not Biblegateway.com or a Church’s home page but facebook.com, myspace.com, youtube.com and other social websites. I watched this movie with Brian about a week ago and I said this same thing then. LATER THE SAME NIGHT Travis talked about putting the Gospel Message on Youtube because there was not a Gospel presentation found on Yourtube.com. I believe that the internet should be a focus that will help us reach the changing culture because the internet consumes so much of the culture’s time, especially the high school and college age range. So, use their faviorite websites to present the Gospel.

  4. serv4Him says:

    Wes, I agree! Share the unchanging gospel message in any way you can!

  5. Sam Rainer says:

    Wes – I too agree, with one addition. We need to make sure that when people accept Christ (through whatever means of communication) that they are connected with a local church. After all, we make “disciples” not “converts.” Thanks for the insight!

  6. Alan says:

    I have to admit that i do not relate to many of the illistrations that were given. I am by no means a computer buff (i check my email very infrequently). But there are a lot of people, mainly of the younger generation, that feel they can’t survive without computer technology. Not to be redundant, but it seems to me that you meet these people where they are. Having access to a tool that can reach untold millions should give us a desire to proclaim the Gospel in any langusge, including txt mssgng (my attempt at a computer joke).
    One of the points that was made that hit me was a girl said she did only 49% of the required reading and only 26% pertained to her life. They are looking for relevance, and the life changing message of Christ will give them what they are looking for (and need).

  7. Sam Rainer says:

    Alan – I believe the gospels tell about a man named Jesus who met people where they were. I believe He still does. I agree with you – there’s no reason why the church shouldn’t do the same thing as Jesus.

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