Sermon Saturdays: The Good Shepherd of the Sheep

Sam Rainer

July 7, 2017



Last Sunday I started a new sermon series. It’s creatively titled “Summer in the Psalms,” because it’s summer, and I’m preaching selected Psalms. In Psalm 23, we learn our comfort in the Good Shepherd is rooted in His glory. In this sermon, you will learn not only how the Good Shepherd cares for His sheep, but also why the Good Shepherd cares for them.


3 comments on “Sermon Saturdays: The Good Shepherd of the Sheep”

  1. Jesus reveals that He is “The Good Sheherd” in John Chapter 10, and promises Eternal Life to all who believe in Him and follow Him. He underscores His announcement by declaring what God, His Father has and continues to do for all who believe in Christ.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Hallelujah!

    I look forward to your series Brother, God bless your ministry for Him!

  2. I appreciate your ministry and have shared many of your posts with our church leaders, including several of your books which they have read.

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