The Simple Easter Idea that Worked

Sam Rainer

March 20, 2007

I must reluctantly admit that my associate pastor is a genius. Since he is a
University of Tennessee fan (his office is a hideous and unsanctified shade of orange), it pains me to say it. But he truly is a man of great ideas.
At our staff meeting a couple of weeks ago, I was making the challenge that we needed a big victory for our Easter Service. We were trying to figure out the best way to reach not only the Christmas and Easter crowd, but also those in our community who never step foot inside a church.
We had mulled over a few ideas when Travis spurted out, “Why don’t we have a Kids of the Kingdom presentation that morning?”
After discussing a myriad of complex plans to reach outward into the community (including mailouts, advertising, phone calling, etc), this idea seemed too simple to work. But the idea was great because of its simplicity.
Our Kids of the Kingdom ministry at the church is a pre-school occurring on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Most of the kids’ families in the program do not have a church home. What Travis wanted to do was force them to be in church on Easter Sunday by having their kids perform a musical that morning before our regular Easter service.
So we got together a list of all the families with kids in the pre-school that didn’t have a church home and asked them if they wanted to have a program that day. The vast majority were excited about their kids performing at our church on Easter Sunday. Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Grandpas all said that they would be there.
Today I had to write a letter to the entire church body saying that we may run out of space because of all the guests who have committed to be at our church for their kid’s presentation. I am asking my members to give up their regular seats and parking spaces. The church is buzzing about the large crowd of unchurched folks who plan on attending.
While we as a church still have many things on which we need to work, this simple idea looks like it will be a huge success. Will these people all stick around for our regular Easter service? We don’t know. But at least they will hear a gospel presentation during the Kids of the Kingdom musical. At a bare minimum, unchurched people will be setting foot inside a church sanctuary.
I think we all tend to overcomplicate (myself definitely included). But the gospel isn’t complicated. Our churches shouldn’t be complicated. The Easter story isn’t complex. And sometimes simple is the best way to go.
Every church is unique with people of differing gifts. What is your church doing for Easter? Are you praying through it? Are there any other simple ideas out there that are working?

9 comments on “The Simple Easter Idea that Worked”

  1. kdb1411 says:

    Though your associate pastor may be less than discerning in his choice of college teams, he is to be commended for his idea. I wonder how our churches might change if we simply prayed that God would open our eyes to ways to reach the lost and unchurched. We might be surprised how He answers those prayers.

  2. denice says:

    why were you talking bad about your associate pastor in the beginning?

  3. Sam Rainer says:

    Denice – it was entirely due to the orange office. It burned my eyes every time I walked in it.

  4. lindy says:

    Love this idea, Sam. As a parent of a toddler with friends in the same life status, I can see the brilliance and simplicity of it. Please let us know how Easter Sunday went.

    Thanks for the idea and reminder that some of the best ideas are the simplest ones. Can I use it for the Ideas section in Outreach?

  5. Sam Rainer says:

    Lindy – Of course!

  6. Aaron says:

    Sam, how did this idea work out? And does your associate pastor still have a hideous orange office?

  7. Sam Rainer says:

    Aaron – the idea worked very well. We did have several parents that did not stay for the worship service, but it was well received by the community. It boosted our reputation and introduced us to several new people. I recently accepted the call to a new ministry position in Sarasota, but as far as I know, his office is still orange 🙂

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