Jesus Stopped

Sam Rainer

January 23, 2008

I like to stay busy. If I have down time, I fill it with something. It’s my greatest strength and weakness. I’m goal oriented, but I have a tendency to let relationships in my life slip in order to achieve goals.

This past week I had a wake-up call, one that made me realize how important people are, and how much less important it is to achieve personal goals. This week I also learned how sometimes we have to stop. I had surgery to remove a tumor on my thyroid, and it amazed me how my family and friends surrounded me during my recovery. Though the surgery was relatively minor, and I’m already back in action, God used this down time to show me that relationships with others are essential to spiritual health. I saw how my personal goals, though necessary, are not topmost.

Jesus knew the purpose for his life. He came to be a ransom for many. He came to save a world. Walking to Jerusalem through Jericho, He was aware that the goal of the cross was quickly approaching. He was marching to Calvary. He was close to fulfilling his mission.

The crowds had gathered as he walked. But a voice cried out. It was Bartimaeus, a blind beggar. He was crying for mercy.

Jesus could have traveled on, rationalizing that the ultimate goal was to arrive at the cross. He could have continued without stopping, telling himself that he must not be distracted by the one in order to save the many. After all, human destiny hung in the balance. He was on his way to save the world. Time was critical. The entirety of humanity’s salvation was at stake. What did he do when he heard Bartimaeus’ cries?

Jesus stopped.

I consider myself a busy person. I have “important” things to do during the day. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time for people.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a more important thing than saving humankind from sin. That was Jesus’ goal. That’s what He was busy with. Yet He stopped for this man. And because Jesus listened to Bartimaeus’ cries for mercy, this blind beggar was healed physically and spiritually.

The people who care about me stopped this past week. They cared for and prayed for me while I recovered from surgery. It meant more to me than they realize.

Perhaps we could stop a little more. Perhaps I could not focus so much on personal goals and more on the needs of people around me, those I know and those I do not. Perhaps such a focus might mean that more people see Jesus in me. Perhaps they might come to know Jesus because I stopped and helped them.

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  1. John M says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

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