Thursday Threes: February 25, 2016

Sam Rainer

February 25, 2016


Three notable articles I read this week:

Landon Coleman – 7 ways to pray for the sick. “Too many times I’ve head prayers for the sick that sounded eerily similar to a nurse briefing a doctor on the condition of patients.” Landon writes seven helpful ways to pray for the sick.  

Michael Kelley – 3 reasons to stay in a church that’s not cool enough. “At some point, most any of us who grew up in a Christianized culture are going to look around at our church, the one we have supposedly given our lives to through membership, and see that some other church in town has better music. Or a trendier vibe. Or better coffee. Or a more polished preacher. Or whatever.”

Paul Taylor – The demographic trends shaping American politics in 2016 and beyond. You should study these eight trends from Pew Research.  

Three people worth following:

These three pastors should be on your radar. They write regularly, and I find their thoughts worthwhile.

Dave Miller. Dave serves as senior pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Sioux City, Iowa and as editor at SBC Voices. You can connect with Dave through his blog and via Twitter. His latest book is also a great resource on doctrine in the church.

Ben Reed. Ben serves as small groups pastor at Saddleback Community Church. You can connect with Ben through his website, on Facebook, and via Twitter. His latest book is a go to resource on small groups.

Landon Coleman. Landon serves as the teaching pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Odessa, Texas. You can connect with Landon through his blog and via Twitter. His latest book is also an excellent resource on prayer.


Bonus: God is doing an amazing work in the children’s ministry at my church. Here is that story.


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  1. Theodora says:

    God bless you. This will really enlighten me. Thank you.

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