The Generational Tech Divide

Sam Rainer

February 24, 2009


New data from the Barna Group reveals the breakdown of technology use between different generations. You can read all of the conclusions here. David Kinnaman comments about some the results:

Even though young people are sometimes called the “Net Generation,” every age segment is becoming dependent on the Internet. In fact, because Boomers and Busters represent about two-thirds of the adult population, they are far more numerous users of technology than are adults under the age of 25. For instance, the majority of online purchases are made by those between the age of 30 and 55. And many of the bloggers, music downloaders and users of social networking websites are from the Boomer and Buster cohorts.

Still, despite the preponderance of middle-age technology users, the nation’s youngest adults (Mosaics) are light-years ahead in their personal integration of these technologies, even blazing beyond the comfort of Busters. While Busters differ dramatically from their predecessors, Mosaics are even further down the path of integrating technologies into their lifestyles. On effect of this is that younger adults do not think of themselves as consumers of content; for better and for worse, they consider themselves to be content creators.

For church leaders, it is notable that a minority of churchgoing Mosaics and Busters are accessing their congregation’s podcasts and website. While technology keeps progressing and penetrating every aspect of life, churches have to work hard to keep pace with the way people access and use content, while also instructing churchgoers on the potency of electronic tools and techniques.

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  1. Ben says:

    This is really interesting information. Very helpful.

    I would be interested to know the ACTUAL numbers of people that viewed pornography on the Internet. If that data were accurate, I would be stunned.

  2. Great chart and info. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. kassandra says:

    this really helped me thanks 🙂

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