When Lightening Strikes the Church

Sam Rainer

August 26, 2007

Last Thursday a powerful storm front moved through our area and produced prolific amounts of lightening. One bolt literally struck our church. When we came in on Friday, we found an entire network fried. The projector was not spared the carnage.

Since much of our worship centers around the ability for people to see words on a screen, we were in a bit of a quandary. Luckily, our music minister is quite flexible – we just dusted off the old hymnals and sang from them. And you know what? It wasn’t a bad thing.

Though pastors need help from the Lord in many areas, in ministry I am constantly reminded of two necessities for shepherding a flock: flexibility and unity. You must remain flexible because the unforeseen is bound to happen. The only constant is the unexpected.

Unity within your church is also critical. We had several people come together to help with several issues after the storm. Without this unity, our team of workers would become a scattered herd of complainers.

Come Sunday morning, we heard no complaints, just “amens.”

Thank you church for your commitment to what really matters. Thank you staff for your flexibility. Thank you God for showing me that You are still in control and work through all things.

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