A Simple Idea to Invigorate Corporate Prayer

Sam Rainer

November 12, 2009

You inherit a lot when you’re a new pastor at an established church. Being the new guy at FBC Murray, I did not realize until I got here how important prayer is to this church. I’ve been blessed to inherit such a healthy attitude about prayer among the people.

We pray collectively every Wednesday evening. The church recognizes the importance of both corporate and private prayer times. I love praying with my church family for many reasons, but it’s most exciting because they are so passionate.

There’s nothing specifically cutting-edge about our prayer time. We spend about a third of our time praying for missionaries we know. Another third praying for those who are sick. And another third praying for local and church-specific ministries.

Our Wednesday evenings are a wonderful time together, but what’s missing is the personal touch to those for whom we are praying. So we’ve started inviting leaders of local ministries and other community leaders to join us. We physically surround them, spiritually lifting them up in prayer. We do the same for those who are struggling personally with physical or spiritual issues. Next week, we’ll begin to Skype in missionaries from across the globe, having them join us electronically. We’ll pray for them as they listen and watch through Internet hinterland. I’m looking forward to praying with my cousin, David, and his family in Japan next week.

It’s not avant-garde, just a basic way to connect with those for whom we pray. But there’s power in a simple personal touch coupled with fervent prayer.

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