The Importance of a Faithful Spouse

Sam Rainer

July 2, 2007

Two major changes in my life occurred simultaneously. On New Year’s Eve 2006, I tied the knot. A little over two weeks later I went from working in the financial markets to becoming a full-time pastor. And in order to make things interesting in newlywed life, my wife and I decided to sell our house and look to buy another during these transitions.

I am obviously still green at both pastoring and being a husband. I assure you, my wife and my church make me a one blessed man.

Many adjectives describe my wife: encouraging, thoughtful, caring, stubborn, intelligent, independent, lovely, consistent, beautiful, talented, and godly to name a few. But Erin’s one quality that brings me more joy is her faithfulness.

A recent Pew Research study reveals several findings about state of marriage in our society. What struck me most in the list of stats were the elements making the greatest contributions to successful marriages. The runaway leader in successful marriages: faithfulness.

[Despite my shortcomings, thank you, Honey, for being so faithful to me. Yes, I still may occasionally drink straight out of the milk container. I’ll probably still eat right out of the ice cream carton when you’re not looking (with the good spoons). The mall will always make my eyes burn. Hiccups will continue to annoy me. And I’ll probably still sneak out of bed late at night to watch the History Channel every now and then.

I know we’re just beginning. I know we have a long time together in front of us. But no one else would I want to accompany me in this amazing journey we call life together.]

I am beginning to have a feeble understanding of why God made the comparison of the church and Christ with the institution of marriage.

Erin is my beautiful bride. Christ is the Bridegroom of the church.

Faithful spouses are crucial in the survival rates of marriages.

And faithful Christians are crucial to the survival of the church.

6 comments on “The Importance of a Faithful Spouse”

  1. kdb1411 says:

    Great post Sam. I recently heard that you are working on a research project that will become a book. If I understood correctly, you will be addressing the issue of why some people stay with the church while others leave the church (“faithful” Christians). I can’t wait to read it. As soon as you have some information on it, let us know.

  2. Sam Rainer says:

    kdb1411 –

    You heard correctly. I am right in the middle of writing a book on why people leave the church and how we can get them back. It will be released sometime in early-to-mid 2008. Don’t worry, once it is on sale I’ll make sure to post something on this website about where to order it.

  3. nelliejokr says:

    Hello to one of my favorite sons!! Your story is awsome!! Truly you are one of discernment, compassion, loves your wife as yourself, seeks your daily purpose from God, and has an ongoing conversation with our Lord. I am elated with all of your spiritual blogs and pray many others are inspired by them.
    Love, Mom

  4. Sam Rainer says:

    Thanks Mom. You made the Christian home in which I was raised. So in many ways you deserve much of the credit. I praise God for your spiritual guidance and buckets of love.

    – the eldest

  5. Cosmas says:

    thank for what is written about churches that are decreasing.
    i wanted to know if your books are translated in others languages

  6. Sam Rainer says:

    Cosmas –

    The book I am currently co-authoring is my first. Based on sales data, the publisher will determine if it should be translated into other languages.

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