And The World Spins Faster

Sam Rainer

August 1, 2007

Many families and individuals struggle with remaining too busy. I know my own calendar stays full. And if I have free time, I am filling it with something. Our culture likes to remain connected and on the move.

As a recent study of 20,000 individuals worldwide reveals, the problem doesn’t exist solely in the United States. Apparently the globe is spinning faster than ever before. People in many countries feel the pressure of rushing from task to task.

The problem for many Christians is this lifestyle of hurriedness places a major hurdle in the way of having a relationship with God. In fact, across several countries 6 out of 10 Christians state that it is often or always that a busy lifestyle gets in the way of a meaningful relationship with God.

And, according to the survey, what profession of people is most at fault of sprinting from task to task? Pastors. Looking at my calendar today, I must proclaim “most guilty.”

In fact, since I had a brief moment of space on the day’s timeline, I figured I’d post a blog on some recent research. A link to this study was in my inbox – so I gave it a quick read and decided to post something about the results.

Needless to say I’m convicted as I type these words. So I’ll cut this blog short and use my time to pray instead of keyboard pontificating. Since many times we all fail to “be still” and know who is God – and it isn’t our schedules.

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