Your Church is Worth the Effort

Sam Rainer

July 12, 2015


Your discouragement is understandable. The church in North America is deteriorating. Just reading the reports of decline can make me exhausted. Some sensationalize how hard the church is falling, but few deny the unhealthy state of the church. The church is not doing well. Perhaps your church is not doing well. Maybe you’re tired, or disheartened. Maybe you’re hurt.

Don’t give up. Your church is worth the effort.

Some churches reek of selfishness, but even the unpleasant bodies need someone to help clean out the noxiousness. If you don’t mind body odor, then you’re probably the one God is calling to scrub a few saints. Be strong.

Don’t give up. Your church is worth the effort.

Some churches fight. A lot. They put on their cockfighting spurs for business meetings and dare the chickens to challenge them. Hostile churches need someone to be the example. Show them how to fight for a church, not with a church. Be brave.

Don’t give up. Your church is worth the effort.

Some churches are the butt of everyone else’s jokes. They don’t have a clue, and people scoff. I don’t think Jesus has ever—or will ever—ridicule a church. Jesus has a great sense of humor. But the church is his bride. Every congregation deserves someone who will lovingly shepherd towards a greater purpose. Be resilient.

Don’t give up. Your church is worth the effort.

Some churches are immature. The body acts like a gangly middle schooler trying to impress the girls at skate night. The people go around in circles. Energies are poured into all the wrong things. If this is your church, then be the bigger spiritual person. Middle schoolers don’t mature without guidance. Churches don’t disciple properly without a mature shepherd. Be determined.

Don’t give up. Your church is worth the effort.

It’s hard, but worth it. Selflessness can be lonely. Your peers may wonder why you stick around. Your church may not get it. But you’re not alone. The Groom is with you—always. He’ll build your church to overcome the gates of hell. Don’t give up. Your church is worth the effort.

3 comments on “Your Church is Worth the Effort”

  1. Ron Keener says:

    Thanks for the encouragement [I am chair of the leadership team (board)]. We don’t fight, or make jokes, nor selfish. And we are probably mature enough. We just don’t have a sense of urgency; there is no concern for transformation, for evaluation of what we do, for making changes, for new things and new ministries. We are okay with declining numbers, whether attendance or budget. We like to socialize, eat together. We don’t understand what small groups are and can do, and we are not interested in finding out. We don’t like to read the best books about church health. Yep, it is disappointing, and I will stick with it until my two-years term plays out. I haven’t the patience for it all as they work at maintenance, not mission. God must have better for me to do in this community and for his ministry–maybe even some other place. God, tell me why it’s worth the effort!

    1. Sam Rainer says:

      I’m praying He’ll do that for you, Ron. Thanks!

  2. greg ackerman says:

    to late..i never felt the church really cared, and I never felt like I fit there!moved on, and your right, the church is in trouble. MY opinion; If your church cant find its DNA, it never will! Church without a vision, is like hitting a bee hive with a stick! All you get is a bunch of bees flying and stinging, without a purpose!thanks for listing !

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