Three Ways a Pastor Can Use Monday to Recover from Sunday


Sam Rainer

March 25, 2018


My body hums on Sunday evenings. Literally, I feel like a low frequency buzz emanates from my extremities. I preach in three back-to-back-to-back services, and on many Sundays I have additional speaking requirements in the afternoon and evening.

By the time I come home on Sunday evening, my mind is fried. My soul is fulfilled, but I reach the physical limitations of my body.

I wake up on Mondays excited about the next round, but my body is usually sluggish. It’s part of the adrenaline hangover that occurs after speaking to a large audience. I don’t understand the science of it, but I certainly feel it on Monday morning. Even after significant rest, I can still feel slightly off. So I keep my Mondays simple and focused. I recover from Sundays in three ways.

  1. Minimize decisions. I don’t schedule many meetings on Mondays. I don’t make big decisions on Mondays, and I avoid answering argumentative emails. I try to rest my voice, which is hard because I love to talk. Monday is a good sermon research day. I’m in the office and available, but it’s when I do most of my sermon reading and writing.
  2. Maximize prayer. I probably pray more on Mondays than any other day of the week. I know my body is still recovering, so I also use the time to refresh my soul as well.
  3. Re-energize with exercise. Sweating helps your body reset after an adrenaline dump. I work out most days, but Mondays are my longest work out day. Whatever enjoyable form of exercise gets you sweating is a good way to recover from Sunday.

Many pastors get the Monday blues. Since you know Monday can be problematic, prepare for it. Minimize decisions. Maximize prayer. And re-energize with exercise.


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