SoCal Prayers

Sam Rainer

October 24, 2007

As many of you know, I blog for Outreach Magazine. As noted in the disclaimer on the “About Sam” tab, my opinions are my own. But it was the great people at Outreach that originally contacted me about starting this blog. They need our prayers right now. As you may not know, the Outreach offices are located in Vista, CA, which is halfway between San Diego and L.A. Many of them have evacuated the area due to the fires in the region. Please pray for the safety of everyone affected by this disaster, but specifically those at Outreach. I’ll open the comment thread if you want to drop a line of appreciation to them and all that they do.

12 comments on “SoCal Prayers”

  1. Thom Rainer says:

    The Outreach folks are great Sam. I join with you in my prayers.

  2. kdb1411 says:

    Thanks to you two Rainers for remembering some folks with some real needs.

  3. kingonthelake says:

    Count me in. We are praying for you folks at Outreach.

  4. forthekingdom says:

    To all the Outreach brothers and sisters: You are in our prayers. Thanks for your great ministry.

  5. Ed Stetzer says:

    Indeed, Sam,

    They are good people and our prayers are with them.


  6. Jerry Rhyne says:

    We will certainly be praying for the team at Outreach. One of our employees just returned from assisting her daughter during the birth of a new baby in the San Diego area. She experienced firsthand the evacuation process, new baby included. All of these folks involved need our prayers.

  7. Mark Scott says:

    Praying for you brothers and sisters at Outreach!

  8. Sam Rainer says:

    Thank you all. I know the people at Outreach and others in the SoCal area will greatly appreciate all your prayers.

  9. Tim Vineyard says:

    I will join you Sam in praying for Outreach’s ministry, Scott E., the entire Outreach team, their families, and their facilities.

  10. serv4Him says:

    I’m praying as well. I enjoy their magazine, and I will pray that they are all safe.

  11. circumstancesandsoforth says:

    Itoo am praying for all of you at Outreach.

  12. Ken Stephens says:

    Thanks, Sam, for the call to prayer.

    Our staff met this morning and prayed for Outreach and our many other “fellow workers in the vineyard” there in S. Cal.

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