Two People Every Church Leader Needs in a Moment of Crisis

Sam Rainer

February 14, 2016

Lead a church long enough, and you will encounter a crisis. People sin. Satan roams. Life happens. Crises are inevitable results of a fallen world. All pastors and church leaders will run into a legitimate crisis at some point. Your church will face a split. You will be forced to resign by an ugly power group. A close staff person will have a moral failure. The types of crises are numerous. All pastors and church leaders have battle scars.

You can’t fight these battles alone. Obviously, Christ is sufficient for every crisis. His armor is enough to take a stand against any evil scheme. But we’re not created to battle alone. We need other believers—our churches—to stand with us. However, the crisis may come from within the church herself. So every church leader should keep two people close, especially in a moment of crisis.

In a moment of crisis, every church leader needs a friend. In the ministry trench, it’s encouraging to have someone with you, someone to empathize with your plight. The friend can look you in the eye and say, “This sucks.” A friend’s empathy encourages endurance. A friend’s empathy reminds of hope. A friend’s empathy reassures of a better future.

In a moment of crisis, every church leader needs a mentor. In the heat of the moment, a leader needs a mentor to help with a long-term view and the very next step. When a wildfire blazes, you can’t see the forest or the trees. Not only does the high level vision disappear in the smoke of controversy, the heat drains you of much needed energy for the moment. The mentor can help you create a strategy to survive. The mentor can prevent you from charging into the wrong fire. The mentor can keep you from making emotionally-charged decisions.

You will need others around you, but the friend and the mentor are especially important. The friend empathizes. The mentor strategizes. And a little empathy and strategy is often just enough to get you through the crisis.

6 comments on “Two People Every Church Leader Needs in a Moment of Crisis”

  1. Nwoko Olakada says:

    This is reality. We all need to be these two people to those believers who are in their times of crisis. God bless you.

    1. James Lambert says:

      The one powerful help is encouragement through prayer. Take it to God and through a friend. Pass on encouragement through email or letters. Even some “loose change” can help in financial parts of the crisis. And help them believe more strongly that “God will supply all our needs in glory through Christ Jesus. I heard of a woman with a baby, out of money and food for here and the baby. So she prayed. Soon after there was a knock at the door. She opened it and there was a perfect stranger with groceries, and said “the Lord said you needed these!” I need rest my case!

    2. James Lambert says:

      “bear others burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” And there is the song “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”

  2. Glenn says:

    I read this through tears. I got word just this morning that my friend and mentor who has gotten me through so much, has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Who do you turn to when the person you turn to is dying? I don’t expect or need an answer to this. But if you read this please pray.

    1. Sam Rainer says:

      I’m so sorry Glenn! I’m praying. Perhaps God is giving you the privilege of being the mentor and friend now. You are in my prayers this evening.

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