Thursday Threes: June 23, 2016

Sam Rainer

June 23, 2016


Three notable articles I read this week:

Chris MartinPodcasts have commoditized preaching: How does this affect the local church? “There was a time in American evangelicalism that a good preacher could attract people from miles around to his church. This is still the case, to be sure, but it is less common than it used to be, especially among young people.”

Washington PostThis rapper might be America’s next evangelical leader. “This generation doesn’t have a Billy Graham,” said LaDawn Johnson, a sociologist at Biola University, an evangelical school outside Los Angeles where Lecrae performed in April. “We’ve lost any kind of significant evangelical leader people could point to, and Lecrae is in a position where he could definitely for many young people be that voice and be that model.”

Barnabas PiperHow did rape become a culture for young men? “Each of us, apart from the transforming grace of God, will pursue our own pleasure at the expense of others. Without boundaries and enforcement nothing stops that pursuit from raping someone. This is rape culture—the pursuit of pleasure without conscience or boundaries or humanity—and it needs to be fought by advocates, those who care about the wellbeing of young women and young men.”


Three people worth following:

 Last week, the Southern Baptist Convention elected three new officers at the annual meeting.

Steve Gaines. Elected president. He serves as senior pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. You can connect with him through his website, on Twitter, or through Facebook.

Doug Munton. Elected first vice president. He serves as pastor of First Baptist Church in O’Fallon, IL. You can connect with Doug at his website and on Twitter.

Malachi O’Brien. Elected second vice president. He serves as pastor of The Church at Pleasant Ridge in Harrisonville, MO. You can connect with Malachi at his website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


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