This is What It’s All About

Sam Rainer

June 24, 2007

I love what I do! Being a pastor is such a joy. While the fickle complaints and occasional backbiting occurs, I am blessed to have a congregation that by-and-large supports me and their fellow believer. We certainly have areas in our church where we can improve, but I am impressed by the resiliency of the people and the desire to return to health.

Exemplified this week at Vacation Bible School, the church united around the common goal of seeing children come to Christ. One child came forward today for baptism, and we are expecting three more to make public professions of faith shortly. Today a father stood with his son in front of the church, and with tears flowing shared how proud he is of his son’s decision to accept Christ. These moments are what ministry is all about.

Such moments should unify a church around the primary cause of the gospel. Like the four men who carried their paralyzed friend on a stretcher to see Christ, we all need to be “stretcher-bearers.” It took four faithful friends to haul this man to Christ. And it takes a unified church to win for Jesus a community and world.

Quite frankly, we have too many divides within our churches and not enough bridges. Whether you’re a Calvinist or Arminian, continualist or cessationist, part of a small church or a mega-church, involved in denominational politics or not, contemporary, traditional, or emergent, whether you read the NIV, RSV, KJV, NASB, or HSCB, or whether you’re red, yellow, black, or white, our focus should be on the primary business of sharing the saving grace of Jesus with a lost world. We could all rub off our personal agendas on the welcome mat in the church foyer.

Many churches, mine included, have a journey in front of them before they become “healthy.” But I praise God for the congregations that are dutifully and passionately working towards equipping the saints, sharing with the lost, and discipling followers of Christ. After all, it’s what being a Christian is all about.

One comment on “This is What It’s All About”

  1. forthekingdom says:

    What a great post! You can feel your pastor’s heart by your words. You are so right. So much of what takes place in churches and in denominations are distractions from the main task. May God continue to bless you and your flock. I am encouraged to hear from a pastor who actually has a positive and enthusiastic report about his church. You make me want to go share my faith right now. I might just do that . . .

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