The Power of Right Now

Sam Rainer

December 23, 2008

Great leaders are typically great organizers and communicators of vision. They inspire with their plans for the future. Just as important as a grand vision, however, is a grand appreciation for the moment at hand. While it is not as widely discussed as other leadership traits, embracing the power of spontaneity has several benefits for leadership in general, but specifically for church leaders as well. I’ll share with you a few I’ve noticed anecdotally.

Creative fuel is pumped. The creative fuel of vision can diminish when leaders do not embrace the power of spontaneity. Many of my most creative moments come by accident, when I experience something unplanned or unexpected. And without creativity, it is difficult to inspire people with a vision for the future.

The desk disconnect is ditched. One of the killers of inspiration is the perception that leaders are making decisions from behind a desk. A great way to squash this perception is to accept spontaneously when people ask you to join them for dinner, coffee, or fellowship.

Levity is unleashed. A sense of levity enhances leadership. And leaders in the church who learn to laugh and joke spontaneously can be accepted as more genuine, authentic, and enjoyable.

Life becomes illustrative. My most well-received sermons and speaking illustrations are the stories of life’s spontaneous moments. When church leaders just live life their sermons and lessons come to life.

Sharing opportunities appear. Most importantly, when God’s people embrace the power of right now, God can provide incredible opportunities to help connect people to Jesus. As believers, we should pray daily that God will put people in front of us who need to hear the only message of true reconciliation ad joy.

Life requires plans. In order for people to function, a level of organization is required. While schedules and routines keep people focused, a little spontaneity can add flavor to the daily grind. And by embracing the power of right now, we might just see God work in the moment.

Feel free to comment on some tangible ways you’ve seen how embracing the moment can lead to better ministry.

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