Living in Exponential Times

Sam Rainer

January 30, 2009

The above video should only heighten our sense of urgency in sharing the gospel message. We’ve got to stay up to speed in order to reach a rapidly changing world. “The way we’ve always done it” attitude now applies to last year, not just the last couple of decades.

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2 comments on “Living in Exponential Times”

  1. Bleeders says:

    Exponential periods in social and technological realities will require innovation of methods (without compromise of substance) in ways. The human condition is not changing, but the accessibility to expose potent truth and hope to the heart of humans is becoming more elusive, more complex, more diffused. Ambient intimacy has the potential to expand delusional senses of impact or can represent paramount intrigue and opportunity for missional communities.

    What communities will attrit? Which ones will resurrect like a phoenix to meet the generations? Which ones will effectively disciple while being all things to all men that they might reach some?

    Technology has to be engaged progressively, and yet there seems to be an inflection point of innovation awaiting to get beyond technological introductions to effectively using tech to compliment discipleship pathways.

    Another interesting risk is the sense of forward momentum can incline so many to struggle between isolated tunnel vision (not being aware of the proverbial wheel already being fashioned by fellow saints elsewhere) or to get paralyzed in lateral awareness. So many ideas – how do you keep up to date on the best, most relevant ones? How do you avoid investing in yesterdays news at the cost of spent resources and missed opportunities?

  2. soon2binNC says:

    Eye-opening. Absolutely eye-opening. It is time that we get back to the core of Christianity and proclaim the message of Christ. Be relevant, but be loud and clear!

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