Thursday Threes: August 11, 2016

Sam Rainer

August 11, 2016


Three notable articles I read this week:

Eric Geiger4 groups to whom a leader should listen. Geiger nails this one with solid content and solid grammar (i.e. “to whom” in the title as an objective pronoun).

Art Rainer3 signs that giving online to your church may not be right for you. Monetary transactions have moved from gold to coin to paper to digital, so online giving is a necessity for churches. But Art gives good practical advice for those who may need to avoid giving online

Keelan CookIn the news: When ‘gentrification’ is really a shift in boundaries. Keelan provides excellent commentary on what gentrification looks like at the neighborhood level.


Three people worth following:

The two Tims below are experts on church facilities. Jim is an expert on the multisite movement. You should follow the two Tims and Jim.

Tim Songster – Tim is president of Cosco and Associates, a company that specializes in design/build projects for churches. You can connect with Tim and Cosco via Twitter or Facebook.

Tim Cool – Tim is the Chief Solutions Offices at Cool Solutions Group and has assisted nearly 400 churches throughout the United States with their facility needs. You can connect with Tim via Twitter, Facebook, or through his blog.

Jim Tomberlin – Jim is the founder and CEO of MultiSite Solutions, and he consults and coaches churches in developing and implementing multi-campus strategies. You can connect with Jim via Twitter, Facebook, or through his blog.


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