All in Common Vice

Sam Rainer

September 24, 2007

If you’re a pastor, you know firsthand that some of the funniest moments in life occur in the church. One of these ‘moments’ came this Sunday in our church while singing during worship. My father and mother, visiting from Nashvegas, pointed out that we sang “all in common vice.” Apparently, the great PowerPoint typo this week was changing the word “voice” to “vice” in one of the worship songs.

We got a good laugh at lunch when my Dad mentioned it. Of course, I didn’t even notice the typo and was singing all along that we were all in one common vice together.

At least either way you read the typo, we held to a correct biblical doctrine.

The wonders of spell-check…the blessings of laughter…

6 comments on “All in Common Vice”

  1. Tboss says:

    Communion will now have a cover charge and there will be a two drink minimum.

  2. Sam Rainer says:

    Irreverend Tboss – now that’s just uncalled for…

  3. Thom Rainer says:

    Since I am the president of LifeWay, does my recognition of the typo now make me the “vice” president?

    Yeah, I know . . . that’s corny Dad.

  4. Sam Rainer says:

    mmmm…I would just stick to running LifeWay, Dad. Although, I will have to admit that the corn must be genetic. Erin calls me out all the time. So perhaps our vice is corn? Corn…?!

  5. willy2binNC says:

    I guess the apple does not fall too far from the tree.

  6. Sam Rainer says:

    willy – Or the corn too far from the stalk…

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