Obstacles in the Established Church

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Sam Rainer

September 14, 2014


I’m excited to announce that my latest book is now available on Amazon. Obstacles in the Established Church is about how established churches in North America are struggling. But the obituaries are premature. I believe struggling churches can make a difference again.

Many churches have obstacles in front of them slowing growth and preventing health. While every church is a unique congregation in a specific local context, patterns present in one established church are often present in another.

The book is about these obstacles, and it reveals how churches can successfully overcome them. God does not give up on these congregations. Despite the obvious obstacles, we should not give up on them either.


5 comments on “Obstacles in the Established Church”

  1. What are the obstacles addressed?

  2. Sam Rainer says:

    Chris – I cover the obstacles of resistance to change, criticism, unwarranted expectations, and comfort.

    1. Thanks for the reply, Sam. I’m looking forward to reading it at some point.

  3. mike says:

    I just finished “obstacles” and I enjoyed it. I have been pastoring an established church for 8 years but the last 6 months have been the most difficult of my ministry. You book hit several issues I am dealing with on the head. The only negative thing I would say about the book is it left me feeling overwhelmed. Where do I start implimenting some of the advice you gave?

    1. Sam Rainer says:

      Mike – Thanks so much for reading the book. And I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m praying for you tonight. Concerning what to implement first, I would begin with the most visible, easiest victory. Since you’re coming out of a difficult season of ministry, go after the change that the most people will accept. Use the change to get them on board with your leadership. Once you have more support, then go after the more difficult changes.

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