Five Ways Pastors Can Continue the Resurrection Celebration

Easter Lily

Sam Rainer

April 1, 2018


Easter Sunday is now over. Pastor, you’re probably a little tired. Church leader, your energy level might be lower than usual for the next twenty-four hours. It’s expected. Most churches pour into Easter Sunday. They should. Easter is one of the major highlights of the church calendar. Jesus’ resurrection is the cornerstone of the Christian faith.

The calling of a pastor is one of continuing the resurrection celebration. Easter is the “big day” in many ways, a grand celebration that Jesus is alive. But there is the “big mission” that continues. Our work as church leaders does not culminate on Easter Sunday. There is more to do, corporately as a church but also for you individually. Consider these five ways to keep the resurrection celebration going in your personal life.

  1. Share the gospel. You become what you celebrate. Pastors who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus continually share about the resurrection of Jesus. The best way to continue the resurrection celebration is to share the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.
  2. Answer doubt. Right before Jesus’ ascension, he addressed the disciples and gave the church the Great Commission. They worshiped Jesus on the mountain, but some doubted. Were they doubting Christ? Were they doubting themselves? Were they doubting the mission? It’s tough to know. However, we do know the proper response to doubt: Go. The best way to stop doubting is to make disciples. I imagine a few of you are doubting today. Maybe Easter was not as grand as you hoped. Doubt has an answer. The answer is to make disciples.
  3. Encourage another pastor. The best celebrations are shared. Call, text, tweet, or email another pastor. Celebrate with them. Be excited that Jesus’ resurrection not only applies to your church but every church.
  4. Greet your neighbor. Jesus is alive! Your neighbor needs to see that in you. Easter should bring out every Christian in the neighborhood. The resurrection does not need to hide behind garage doors.
  5. Withdraw and pray. Take an extra few hours this week to get away and pray. Re-energize your soul with prayer. Focus your prayer on the resurrection and ask God to reveal how it can apply practically to your life in the next few days. Then go and live out the answer to your prayer.

Easter Sunday is now over. I hope it was grand at your church. But the resurrection celebration should continue—both in your church corporately and in your life individually.


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  1. Roberta Jones says:

    Excellent ideas! Thanks!

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