2 comments on “Sermon Saturdays: Wounded by Singleness”

  1. Ron Keener says:

    Sam, just listened to your podcast on singleness–a state in which I have been since March 7, 2014 when I lost Linda to a bone marrow transplant that went downhill. By the way, this is the first of your podcasts I have listened to; might just become a regular listener. Yea, singleness is tough at age 77, and what is tougher is that I am not looking for another 77 year old, or a 67 year old, for that matter. Any chance you can supply a printed copy (yes, I am that old) with scriptural references? Your podcast is very helpful (it is 5:00 am and I could not sleep. No, it hasn’t put me to sleep.) Thanks for your ministry. FYI, I am done with my two-year term as board chair of the congregation in another month, and it couldn’t come fast enough. I am taking the next two years for myself–and if I am lucky, I will have generated a novel in that time. Til another day, (Also, thanks for making comments so easy–no passwords or other hoops to jump through, as so many others want.) Ron

    1. Sam Rainer says:

      Thanks Ron! I’ll email you the tech notes for the sermon. Praying for you today. Finish that novel!

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