Fueled by Prayer

Sam Rainer

December 4, 2007

“While discipleship defines the walk of the believer, prayer fuels this walk and gives power to make this walk honoring to God.”

That quote comes from my Sunday School director. He’s a sagacious old man…

The more I am in ministry, the more I see the necessity of prayer. Unfortunately, it is many times only a footnote in ministry “how-to” guides, books, and conferences. Quite frankly, you can do everything right in a church, but if you leave out prayer, then you open yourself to an onslaught of attacks from the powers of darkness. Leave out prayer and watch the outward focus of your church shrivel like a raisin.

To quote Dr. Lawless at the Billy Graham School: Why does prayer matter so much, particularly with regard to evangelism? To put it simply, we’ll never reach people for Jesus Christ apart from the power of God.

Christian laypersons and leaders will never see true gospel success without first tapping into the power of the Creator. Revival does not come without prayer warriors laying the foundation. Christian service is fueled by prayer. Don’t run the tank down. Don’t sputter along on fumes. Let the power of prayer run your life.

Do any of you have any personal anecdotes about the power of prayer in ministry or in your church? How does it fuel your life?

5 comments on “Fueled by Prayer”

  1. Willy2binNC says:

    I could not agree with you more, Sam. Prayer has a power. I notice personally that when I spend time in prayer, I seem to focus on the things that matter more throughout the day. Spending time with God in prayer does give energy to see things in an eternal perspective. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of prayer as I am now challenged to spend more time in prayer.

  2. kdb1411 says:

    Great entry! And thanks for the quote from Dr. Chuck Lawless. He is one of the bright lights in the Southern Baptist Convention. He focuses on what really matters.

  3. Sam Rainer says:

    Willy – seeing things with an eternal perspective puts the daily grind in its proper place. Thanks.

  4. Sam Rainer says:

    kdb1411 – Dr. Lawless is a mentor and friend. His heart for the lost is something to emulate.

  5. When God called me to plant a Church, I reached out to many people but we’re all repulsive! When I sat down and lit a prayer alter and begun to pray people came by themselve. Hallelujah!prayer is so powerful!!

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