It’s that time of year when many people give up on the annual Bible reading plan. Are you like me and a little behind? The frustration is understandable. You want to read God’s Word consistently, but you’re too far behind to catch up with your New Year’s resolution. Many just stop reading rather than bulldozing through 1 and 2 Chronicles. If your church is like most, far too many people in your congregation don’t read God’s Word consistently. In fact, it’s one of the most Read more [...]
  Three notable articles I read this week: Chris Martin – Podcasts have commoditized preaching: How does this affect the local church? “There was a time in American evangelicalism that a good preacher could attract people from miles around to his church. This is still the case, to be sure, but it is less common than it used to be, especially among young people.” Washington Post – This rapper might be America’s next evangelical leader. “This generation doesn’t have a Billy Read more [...]
  Perhaps the title of this post should be “Three disciplines often missing from my preaching.” I can certainly grow in these areas. However, I don’t believe I’m alone. Through my interactions with other pastors, I have found there are many of us missing three disciplines in preaching. What are they? Preaching with patience. I must credit my friend, Kevin Smith, with this one. We recently spoke together on a panel, and he hammered this point. He was kind, but it hit me hard. Read more [...]



Wise people deliberately cultivate true friends. True and wise friends are available, protective, truthful, and trustworthy.

  Three key moments from the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention: This week my denomination gathered for their annual meeting. It was great time of unity with a focus on the gospel. The following three moments were among the highlights of this year’s annual convention. James Merritt – Against the Confederate Battle Flag and for the kingdom. This moment will be what history remembers of the 2016 convention. The 1860s were not good for Southern Baptists, neither were the 1960s in many Read more [...]