A lot of people ask “Why?” after a storm hits. With Irma, I am no exception. We escaped the worst of the hurricane, but our area was still hit hard. Why did Irma bring such pain to Florida, specifically my city Bradenton? I have to believe Irma was less about God’s judgment and more about the church’s opportunity. Hurricane Irma hit the Bradenton area on Sunday night. On the previous Tuesday, our staff created a response plan in collaboration with our deacons. Was it a perfect Read more [...]
      Many of you have asked how you can help. There are four ways you can help: You can give to our church. We’re on the front lines, and we have people ready to help as soon as the storm passes. We will need support to get the job done. If you want to volunteer with relief efforts in Florida, then you can sign up with the North American Mission Board. If you are a member of West Bradenton and want to help right after the storm, email Jenny@WestBradenton.org. Read more [...]
  The following is a guest post by Daniel Im, the author of No Silver Bullets: Five Small Shifts that will Transform Your Ministry. This article was adapted from the book. Charles Spurgeon once said, “Every Christian here is either a missionary or an impostor.” Think about it. Christians who say they love Jesus but do not advance the kingdom of God are fakes. When we live out our core identity as missionaries, the Lord matures us. However, if we focus on behaviors directly tied Read more [...]



I’m preaching a series called “Summer in the Psalms.” In Psalm 95, we learn about worship and a warning. True worship begins with submission to God. Submission in worship means acknowledging God on His terms. Submission in worship means moving towards God through His Truth. Without submission in worship, true rest is not possible.


    In episode 43, Josh interviews Steve Bezner, a pastor in Houston. They discuss the recent devastation left by Hurricane Harvey and how an established church can prepare and respond to natural disasters. This episode is brought to you by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Trained Up, and LifeWay Pastors. Subscribe: iTunes ● Google Play Follow us on Twitter: @estchurch, @jowiki, @micahfries, and @samrainer.   Read more [...]