Leading an established church is not the trendiest of ministry endeavors. If the cornerstone on your church reads “est. 1961,” then I’ll venture a guess that you have more khakis and blazers on Sunday morning than vintage t-shirts and Wayfarers. Most established churches aren’t trendy, but they are a lot of fun. Obviously, the primary calling of the church is gospel work, not having fun. And leading some established churches can be tough. I’ve been forced to resign without Read more [...]




Pride says, “I am mine.” Humility says, “I am His.” Prideful people fear losing the source of their pride. Humble people fear nothing other than God. Pride leaves you with a small heart for others. Humility enables you to show the greatness of God’s grace.

  Three notable articles I read this week: H. B. Charles – A prayer for the new school year. Lots of students head back to school this time of year. Take a moment and pray this prayer for the schools in your community. Chuck Lawless – 9 values of a church staff retreat. Does your staff need a retreat? Chuck shares some reasons why you might consider it. Ed Stetzer – Are young evangelicals more liberal than their parents? “It is easy to simply play ‘blame the millennial’ Read more [...]
  I have a tendency towards restlessness. Part of the cause is my childhood. My family moved several times. As an adult, I’ve moved several times. At 36, I’ve yet to live in the same place longer than four years. I’m thankful for this background. I pastor in Southwest Florida, where everyone is from everywhere. I can relate well to a place that is anything but homogenous. The ever-changing cultural dynamic of Florida makes me feel at home. I’m at ease in the restlessness of Florida. If Read more [...]



What is on your tongue is often in your heart. Healing words are truthful and loving. Wounding words are untruthful and unloving. God’s wisdom gives us healing words.