Generally, long-term pastor tenures are better than short-term pastor tenures. The context where the pastor ministers can impact the tenure. The church body can impact the tenure. And the pastor can impact tenure length. Below are eight ways pastors can cultivate their own long-term tenures. Elevate your family above your career. You simply cannot overestimate the importance of family stability. Your family is not a quantifiable metric in the decision to transition or not. One wise Read more [...]



The wound of a parent is healed by the adoption into God’s family. Jesus heals the wound caused by a parent. Jesus restores after denial. Jesus restores after indifference. Jesus restores after abandonment.

  There’s plenty not to like about smartphones in church. Most every preacher has experienced a jarring ringtone at an inopportune moment in a sermon. My favorite was the time AC/DC’s Back in Black blared as I was making a point on hell. Too bad the lyrics forget the hearse ‘cause I never die didn’t quite fit the theology I was preaching. Smartphones can both interrupt and distract. Of course, the same could be said of windows (not the operating system). In Acts 20, a sleepy Eutychus Read more [...]



The beauty of our faith is found in the glory of Jesus. Christ’s promise of a future beauty is superior to the world’s present beauty. The beauty of salvation only comes through the ugliness of the cross.


  Three notable articles I read this week: Trevin Wax – 4 cultural trends leading to the decline of religious liberty. “Religious liberty, America’s ‘first freedom,’ has fallen on hard times lately. . . What’s going on? What are the cultural trends leading to diminished religious liberty?” Jay Sanders – Three reasons rural churches matter more than you may think. “Many people see small, rural churches like the minor leagues: they are a great place for pastors to be trained Read more [...]