Perhaps you’ve noticed, but a few people are beginning to campaign for the presidential election in 2016. Ultimately, the field will narrow to two (maybe three). I’m not a political junkie, but I try to pay attention to someone who might end up leading my country. First, the presidential candidates are all older than me, so they are at least one life stage in front of me. Second, I don’t personally know any of the candidates. How should I assess them? They know more, have seen Read more [...]
  Church, this weekend was amazing. I’m honored to serve as your pastor. You are a multi-generational body unified for the simple purpose of sharing the gospel and making disciples. I can’t wait to start ministering in Bradenton in a few weeks. Thank you for the way you showed love to my wife and children. Thank you for your generosity in supporting me. Thank you for being salt and light in Bradenton for decades. Thank you for keeping the primary focus on Christ. Our history Read more [...]
  Most people don’t like change. Most leaders want to challenge the status quo. Leadership is, in part, the process of helping people see the need for change, embrace the vision for change, and then implement the change. Getting mad at people who question change does not help the process of change. Those who are truly malicious are typically small in number. When people have questions about change, it does not necessarily mean that they are questioning your leadership. It’s likely Read more [...]


Today at 11:47am my son Joel entered the world. He’s 9 lbs 0 ounces and 21 ½ inches. Welcome to the world, Joel. Your Mom and Dad love you. Your sisters love you too, even though they’ve already sneezed violently on you and somehow managed to get lipstick on your face.

Blog 369_Joel Color


  I’m excited to let you know that West Bradenton Baptist Church has announced me as their candidate for senior pastor. I’ll preach in view of a call August 16th. Assuming an affirmative vote of the congregation, we’ll be moving to Bradenton, FL in late August. We’re thrilled and honored! We would appreciate your prayers during this transition. Also, our third child is due… yesterday. You can join us in cheering Joel’s arrival, hopefully sooner rather than later. Forgive me Read more [...]