The term “revitalize” has several implications, especially when applied to the church. The prefix implies a revitalized church is one that went through a cycle: vital, not vital, and vital again. This cycle demonstrates that the church had a period of stagnation or decline. It also means the church changed, if not to a great degree. This change means the church made a decision (most likely intentional) to get unstuck. What if an established church is stuck now? What will help with future revitalization? Read more [...]
Hand-written notes are rare. Electronic communication has all but erased the whimsy of cursive writing. The average adult writes something by hand about every 41 days, much less a hand-written note snail-mailed to a friend. The average home receives a personal letter in the mail every seven weeks. A few luddites still exist because you can purchase disposable fountain pens on Amazon, but you can also buy a UFO detector there. I doubt either product is a mainstream bestseller. In our wired world, Read more [...]
Few established churches turn on a dime. Some don’t turn at all. One of the contributing causes is inflexibility. Leading an organization full of inflexible people is like trying to run a marathon without bending your knees. It’s anything but smooth. Every church has some inflexible people. Part of being a pastor is helping people get unstuck and unfrozen. And most churches also have plenty of people ready to move. Part of being a pastor is encouraging them to lead by example. Working this Read more [...]
  I’m excited to announce that my latest book is now available on Amazon. Obstacles in the Established Church is about how established churches in North America are struggling. But the obituaries are premature. I believe struggling churches can make a difference again. Many churches have obstacles in front of them slowing growth and preventing health. While every church is a unique congregation in a specific local context, patterns present in one established church are often present Read more [...]
  Today’s post was written by Rob Tims. His new book, Southern Fried Faith, is a great resource for established church leaders in the south. Check out his blog as well. "I don't know how you put up with it!" This was the statement of a 20-something church planter in the upstate of South Carolina upon hearing about the many challenges pastors face in established churches. "I don't know how you feed your family," I responded. He had a stay-at-home wife, four kids, a dilapidated truck, Read more [...]