If you believe God’s Word, then you will obey God’s Word. Christians are called to do what they believe. This sermon reveals three ways you can be responsible and pure: 1) Stoop down into God’s Word, 2) Allow God’s Word to expose you, and 3) Find freedom in the perfect law.

  Three notable articles I read this week: Michael Kelley – 3 reasons you absolutely must go to church this weekend. “One of the things we recognize about the nature of the church through our attendance is that we are actually a vital part of this living, breathing body. And as such, the church needs us.” Jonathan Edwards – Is God the Father like my father? “I was 25 years old before I could say the word ‘father’ while praying. The word was foreign to me. It didn’t roll Read more [...]
  Most of the unchurched are not anti-church. Few are highly antagonistic to the gospel. In fact, only about 5% of unchurched Americans are highly antagonistic to the gospel. Euangelion is the Greek word for good news, or gospel. Have believers today lost the “good” in good news? Negativity undoubtedly sells. Negative news reports get more eyeballs, as do negative posts on social media and blogs. Eighty percent of churchgoers believe they have a personal responsibility to share their Read more [...]



Christians endure trials because of the fruit of suffering. Suffering refines your faith. Suffering leads to life only in the new birth of Christ.

  Three notable articles I read this week: Tony Kummer – Pokémon Go: What parents need to know. Tony explains how the game works and gives good advice to parents. William Vanderbloemen – 7 common mistakes pastor search committees make. “Pastor search committees are tasked with the weighty responsibility of finding a new leader for their church. But this holy endeavor is far from easy or simple.” Eric Geiger – 3 emails you should never send. Take note of Eric’s advice and Read more [...]