I began a new series on Sunday: “I Will . . .” This series covers seven expectations of every church member, and this week’s topic is “Worship.” A worshiping church desires God, not something from God. Bad worship is using anything other than Jesus to get closer to God. Good worship is an awareness you are in the presence of God. We don’t worship the value of creation. We value the worship of the Read more [...]
    Micah, Josh, and I discuss the invitation time in worship services. How do pastors abuse it? Should you keep a response time? Subscribe: iTunes ● Google Play Follow us on Twitter: @estchurch, @jowiki, @micahfries, and @samrainer.   Read more [...]
  A few years ago, I encountered my first transgender guest at church. Our transgender guest was similar to other guests. He was looking to fill a void in his life. The dark problems plaguing his soul were many of the same problems others experienced. For one, he was an alcoholic, trying to gulp away pain. Like others, he struggled with an identity. The transgender guest really wanted to be something else, then he didn’t, sometimes in the same conversation. A fluid identity is a curse. Read more [...]
    Should pastors attempt to build a personal platform? Does your church have a brand? Sam and Josh talk about church signs, Twitter followers, and shaping perceptions. Subscribe: iTunes ● Google Play Follow us on Twitter: @estchurch, @jowiki, @micahfries, and @samrainer.   Read more [...]
  Much about church giving is changing. Worship attendance, conversions, and baptisms are often the most scrutinized metrics, but giving trends are close behind. Below are five macro trends that are affecting most churches in the United States. Trend 1: Millennials will have less giving potential than their parents. Unless an unexpected economic shift occurs, Millennials will continue to be poorer than their parents. Numerous reasons are the cause. Tuition at colleges has tripled since Read more [...]