I’m preaching verse-by-verse through the book of Galatians. This sermon covers Galatians 1:11-24. To be called by grace is to be sovereignly saved and willingly sent. How do you know you are called by grace? You recognize both God’s sovereignty and your responsibility. You risk your safety for the rescue of others.


  On Sunday, we commissioned two cross-cultural missionaries from West Bradenton. They are friends. They are family. We’re sending them to work among a hard people in a hard place. They are the first missionaries appointed to reach this unengaged people group. It hurts. With God’s mission, we should celebrate the sending, but the leaving hurts. This couple is young—just married. They are faithful—among the best of our church. Most churches would say they are the target, the ideal Read more [...]

Sermon Saturdays: Rescue

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Last Sunday, I began a new verse-by-verse series through the book of Galatians. Jesus rescues you so you can risk sharing this rescue with others. Jesus takes the initiative to rescue you. But this rescue does not lead to a life of safety.


  I taught our Discover class on Sunday. The class is designed for those who want to join or who are interested in learning more about our church. I have a high view of church membership, and I hope to lead my church to have the same view. As we assimilate new people into the body of Christ, the goal is to maintain a culture of high expectations of every church member. I believe the best starting point for setting these expectations is a new member class. Whatever descriptor you use for Read more [...]

Sermon Saturdays: Thankfulness

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Following Hurricane Irma, I preached a sermon about thankfulness from Psalm 100. To worship God is to be consumed with thankfulness. Our worship is an expression of victory. There is no gap between worship and work. Thankful worship recognizes the assurance of the Creator. The depths of thankfulness cannot be expressed alone. The basis for perseverance is God’s eternal goodness and love.