This sermon series is based on Old Testament characters. The point of the series is to explain how God draws us near. This sermon covers the character of Sarah.  A personal encounter with an all-powerful God changes you. God does not bless you without changing you. God brings us close with impossible wonder.


    You are as responsible for how you leave a church as you are for how you lead it. In this episode Micah, Josh, and I discuss the complexities involved in the decision to leave a church. We cover topics like when you should announce, what you should do in the interim, and what your first priority at the new post should be. This episode is brought you by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and LifeWay Pastors. With Southeastern learn how you can GO to reach your Read more [...]

The Money Challenge

June 4, 2017 — 1 Comment
  My brother’s new book was just released. You should check it out! Below is a short description of the book. Many people in our churches are experiencing significant financial stress. This stress is impacting careers, ministries, marriages, families, and generosity. They are afraid of their current financial situation, and they are afraid of what their future financial picture will look like. This is not God’s desire for us. God does not want money to burden and enslave us. God Read more [...]
    How much should pastors know about the giving patterns of church members? Is there ever a time when the specific amounts should be known by the pastors or elders? Micah, Josh, and I talk through this topic and explore ideas on how a pastor can encourage accountability when it comes to the stewardship of the church. This episode brought to you by the Christian Standard Bible. Subscribe: iTunes ● Google Play Follow us on Twitter: @estchurch, @jowiki, @micahfries, Read more [...]
  When a World War II veteran wants to open up, I listen. There are too few of them left. The ones still with us don’t often speak of their experiences. And as a Millennial, I’m far removed from their generation and know little about the world that shaped them. So, I listen to learn. I listen to their memories. A memorial is established to remind people of something. The Bible has several such memorials. In the Old Testament, the Passover was established as a memorial of God’s deliverance. Read more [...]