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  Leadership requires initiative. Healthy relationships require initiative. A pastor without initiative will struggle to feed sheep. In John 21, Jesus gives Peter the three-fold command to “Feed my sheep.” The context of this command is the question of love. Pastor, do you love Jesus? Then you will take the initiative to feed his sheep. You’re the leader. You must take the initiative, especially with relationships in the church. Many pastors rigorously protect their study time in Read more [...]   I’m preaching a series through the first half of the book of Acts called “Launch.” This sermon covers Acts 2:14-41. When uncertainty shakes you, God’s certainty secures you. The time you have left is uncertain, but the place of eternity is certain. Death will hold you captive when you try to control it. Death loses its power when we believe in the resurrection of Jesus. The certainty of grace gives you Read more [...]
  Every church has a pace built into the culture of its people. Some churches move more slowly. Some move more quickly. While most established churches likely need to pick up the pace, a slow pace does not necessarily mean the church is complacent. Complacent churches are self-satisfied and are unwilling to address problems. Unfortunately, far too many churches are complacent. But don’t confuse complacency with a slow pace. Some congregations are willing to move forward; it just takes Read more [...]
  Your body needs regular exercise to stay in shape. Your mind needs to be stretched and challenged to stay sharp. For leaders to grow, regular workouts are necessary. Pastors lead within a dynamic environment—the church. You may not think of your church as “dynamic,” but it is. A church of fifty people means at least fifty opinions exist on any given decision. Even the most entrenched congregations provide ample opportunities for leadership exercises. The church may not want to change, Read more [...]
  Our church is committed to Wednesday evening programming. I know the Bible does not mandate midweek programming. I realize the Wednesday timeslot has its origin in the historical “Three to Thrive” movement of the early twentieth century (come to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night). Since we don’t have a Sunday evening service, we are no longer in the three to thrive pattern; we’re satisfied with two will do. For years, I wrote three separate messages for Read more [...]