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The following maps are generated from religious references in user-created content indexed by Google. The first map demonstrates which religions are more referenced than others in global searches. For example, blue means more search references to Jesus than Allah (green), Buddha (yellow), or Hindu (red). The second map reveals which denominations are more searched in the US. Not surprisingly, Baptists (green) dominate the South and Mormons (purple) lead the Mountain West. More of a surprise was Read more [...]

Lean Church Staff

April 15, 2010 — 6 Comments
I’m tempted to make a joke about pastors and potlucks, but I think I’ll pass… By lean staff, I’m referring to how much of the budget a church allocates to personnel costs. How much should a church allot to paid staff? It’s a great research question. The Leadership Network and Your Church magazine released results from a survey they conducted on this subject. Here’s a few of their findings: Lean-staffed churches averaged 1 paid staff member per 86 attenders compared to a 1-to-70 ratio Read more [...]
The National Outreach Convention—or “NOC”—is one of the largest annual gatherings in the US focusing on one simple question: how do we reach more with the message of the gospel? It’s a 3-day experience full of practical and innovative teaching from some of the top church leaders and experts. If it’s germane to the church today, then it’s covered at the NOC. Topics this year include assimilation, community transformation, church planting, multi-ethnic outreach, ideation, digital strategies, Read more [...]
The Pew Research Center released the following comparison between the Boomer generation and the Millennial generation: If one were to assume that the Millennial generation, like the famously-large Baby Boomer generation, encompasses everyone born over an 18-year span, the two generations would be about equal in size (77 million). However, this is not because fertility rates in recent times have been especially high -- they were about 70% higher during the baby boom from 1946 to 1964 -- but because Read more [...]